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“5 Elements”- WindSpirit Wisdom Wonders

Posted in Bras for a Cause 2013

5 Elements - WindSpirit Wisdom Wonders

Bra Title: “5 Elements”- WindSpirit Wisdom Wonders

Submitted by: WindSpirit Wisdom Wonders

Designed by: The Practitioners at WindSpirit

Location of Bra: WindSpirit Wisdom Wonders – 33 Mississaga St. E. Orillia

Note:  WindSpirit’s “5 Elements” This Divine bra was designed by the Practitioners at WindSpirit. It is based on the 5 Elements.  Earth is represented by the stones, wind by the feathers, fire by the sun of citrine stones. Water is expressed by the waterfall flowing through the centre, and spirit is found in the angel wings. Together these make up the circle of life that we are all a part of; all intertwine to make the whole.


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