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Cancer Gone Wild

Posted in Bras for A Cause 2017

Name of Bra:  Cancer Gone Wild
Designed and Submitted by:  Donna Howlett
The story behind the bra:
This is a subject close to my heart, my husband and I have both been afflicted with cancer; myself in 2004 with renal cancer, requiring my left Kidney to be removed.   I am blessed to have one good one. In 2011 my husband William was diagnosed with throat cancer.  After much suffering and treatment at PMH and staying at the Lodge, he is ok today, At this moment my older sister is battling stage 4 lung cancer.  Unfortunately in Newfoundland they don’t have the resources we have here. If doing this makes it a little more tolerable for someone going through “treatment” it is all worth it. We need more resources to help people who are going through treatment.  Most cannot return to work.  With uncertainty in their future, more Insurance companies and government help should be available to cancer patients and their care givers.
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