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Ring My Bell Bra

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Bra Title:  Ring My Bell
Designed & Submitted by:  Karen Holubek
Dedicated to Nikki Holmes
Location:  Home Hardware
Nikki’s Story:  When I was diagnosed with very aggressive breast cancer, I was in a very good place in my life. I was going to the gym 3 to 4 times per week. I was healthy and very happy both mentally and emotionally. Admittedly, this diagnosis knocked me on my butt. After several episodes of crying, I decided that I had to do everything I could to keep living this great life.
I had surgery and was told by my oncologist that I should have chemotherapy, radiation and a focused medication for one year. It was all very overwhelming but if I just got through one day at a time, it wasn’t so frightening. On March 1st, I started chemo. It was both harder than I thought and easier than I thought. I wasn’t vomiting all day but the nausea and fatigue were a real challenge. Then came the day my hair started falling out in clumps. I cried inconsolably, now the world would know I had CANCER.
I’ve now had 6 rounds of chemo and 20 days of radiation which caused second degree burns. Do you know how hard it is to do a simple thing like walking without moving your arm? Let me tell you, it is difficult. Most of the burns were in my armpit.
It was a very exciting day when I got to ring the chemo bell. I had done it! I was a success! It felt wonderful to hear the other chemo patients cheering and clapping. I had crossed the finish line and they could too!! I am continuing with focused treatment until March.
As one of my friends says “cancer is not for sissies”. I feel comfortable with my choices because I believe I needed them to continue to live. I am back to a really good place in my life and I continue to be positive both mentally, emotionally and especially spiritually. I’m no sissy! Nikki Holmes Please DONATE to SHOW YOUR SUPPORT ORILLIA, they have been helping local people needing help with incidentals during their cancer diagnosis for 8 Years!!
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