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“These Boobs Are On Fire” Bra

Posted in Bras for a Cause 2015

These Boobs are on Fire FFF

After the bra was set on fire. Above.

Before the Bra was set on fire. Below.

These Boobs are on Fire r

Bra Title: “These Boobs Are On Fire” Bra

Submitted & Sponsored by: Awakenings Wellness Center
Designed by: The Awakenings Wellness Center Ladies
Location of Bra: Awakenings Wellness Center ~ 10 Andrew Street South, Orillia

Story behind the Bra: This Bra was created for and inspired by cousin Josie Quartarone a local 24 year old young lady who had to battle leukemia this year. Her beauty, spirit, determination, and strength as powerful as the flames on the bra.

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Instructions on how to Donate/Vote Online: Click Here
Awakening Wellness 1
These Boobs are on Fire 2



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